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9:00 am - 5:00 pm | General Session
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm | Beer Social

Join the Northwest Avalanche Center in the thirteenth annual Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop (NSAW). NSAW is the region’s largest gathering of snow and avalanche professionals and backcountry recreationists who work and travel in avalanche terrain. 

NSAW covers topics on recent scientific research, technical innovations, avalanche safety, and mountain experience. Talks will range from scholarly research to every day application; all attendees, regardless of experience, will walk away with new  tools for the backcountry. 

NSAW is an opportunity to hear from leading avalanche practitioners and take the next step in your backcountry education. 


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El Nino and what it means for the winter of 2018-19 in Washington State

Nick Bond, JISAO, Principal Research Scientist
Outlook for the Winter of 2019-20 in the Pacific NW - Even a Blind Squirrel Sometimes Finds a Nut

Evelyn Lees, Utah Avalanche Center, Forecaster
Are You Alone? And Uphill Fatalities: A look at how we travel with our partners in the backcountry 

Dallas Glass, NWAC, Avalanche Specialist & Robyn Pendery, Crystal Mountain, Ski Patrol 
Avalanche Forecasting: A Community Effort 

Ingrid Backstrom, SAFE AS, Co-Founder & Pro Skier
SAFE AS Clinics: A different Approach to Snow Safety Introductory Education.

Liz Riggs Meder, AIARE, Director of Recreations Programs
Building Experience in Wicked Learning Environments 

Lynn Wolfe, The Avalanche Review, Editor 
A Look at What / So What / and Now What?

Henry Finn, Avalanche Research Program, Masters Student
How Do Recreationists Understand Avalanche Bulletin Information? Opportunities for Making It Better.

Dennis D'Amico, NWAC, Director of Forecasting
What's New With the Avalanche Center

Matt Schonwald, Backountry Adventure Guides & NWAC, Owner & Professional Observer 
A Historical Look at PNW Avalanche Accidents and Regional Trends

Erich Peitzsch, USGS, Physical Scientist 
Using Tree Rings to Help Understand Avalanche Frequency

Cheri Higman, NWAC, Education Manager 
Trailhead Outreach: Engaging and Understanding Our Backcountry Community

At Town Hall - 1119 8th Ave, Seattle, WA 

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Jordy Hendrikx, Montana State University, Director of Snow and Avalanche Lab 
Powder Arousal and the White Heat Project

Dan Kaveney, American Avalanche Association, Exectuvie Director
Engaging with A3 & ISSW